Gang Liao

ML Infra @ MetaPreviously: TikTok / Microsoft Research / Baidu Research • Data ⇄ Infra ⇆ ML/LLM

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I am a Research Scientist of Ads ML Ranking Infra at Meta (Facebook).

Our team is focused on building an industry-leading, large scale machine learning inference system for serving AI models to support ads ranking across the family of Meta products. The work has a direct impact on the company’s revenue growth by offering a high-performance, distributed infrastructure capable of handling models with complex resource demands for AI capacity, including GPU and MTIA, as well as supporting emerging GenAI workloads.

My ongoing passion and interests are centered around the understanding, design, and development of data infrastructure and ML/LLM systems.

Previously, I completed my PhD in DB & Systems from the University of Maryland College Park, where I was advised by Daniel Abadi and worked on the evolution of cloud data architectures. I had also spent time at Baidu Research - Institute of Deep Learning (2016-2017), ByteDance AI Labs (2019), Microsoft Research (2021), Facebook RocksDB (2022) and ByteDance/TikTok Infra System Lab (2023).